Overlake Cyber Team is a new activity lead by 2d Lt Mike Halim, CAP. We provide and maintain CAP Cyber Range for Overlake cadets and WAWG CET needs. This activity is in support to CyberPatriot training lead by 2d Lt David Peng, CAP.

Returning Users: CAP Cyber Range

Select “search for organization.”

When asked for a domain, enter

Step 1

Step 2

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CAP Cyber Range Access Instructions


We are inspired and trying to mimic what Western Washington University has built and taking our reasoning to build straight from them. Learn more about Western Washington University Cyber Range by clicking here.

Overlake built CAP Cyber Range to serve as an educational resource for CAP cadets in the state of Washington. CAP Cyber Range is the first known educational ranges specific to CAP cadets need and supports students in cybersecurity programs throughout the state.

A cyber range is a secure and controlled virtual environment used for cybersecurity training and cyber technology development.

This range is privately funded, and your donation is greatly appreciated. Please follow this link if you like to partner with us. Select Other Fund and it should show new empty field box. Please type in CAP Cyber Range - this is important - so that your donation will be specific to our programs. If you willing to add your name, we will add you to Roster of Appreciation (Name for Dues Payment). Your support would provide opportunities for students to learn cybersecurity skills and for companies to benefit from testing their equipment in a contained environment.

At CAP Cyber Range, students and cadet instructors can practice:

Thank you for your support to CAP Cyber Range!