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Washington Wing is looking to field a minimum of five teams, with a team consisting of a sUAS remote pilot and an observer. The following are current requirements. These are still not finalized and subject to change. 

Required for Both Pilot and Observer Positions
FEMA Courses
IS100 - 2 hrs

IS200 - 3 hrs

IS700 - 3.5 hrs

IS800 - 3 hrs

IS5.A - 10 hrs

IS3 - 10 hrs

CAP Courses/Requirements
  • GES
  • CAPT117
  • ICUT
Note: FEMA certificates must be uploaded to eServices (Home->Emergency Services->SQTRs->Entry/View Worksheet->View/Upload Documents)

Observer Specific Requirements
CAP Qualified Mission Staff Assistant (MSA)

Pilot Specific Requirements
FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate (minimum age 16)
Logged 7 hours PIC on sUAS
CAPF 5U - a current and valid Form 5 for sUAS