Cadet Advisory Council

The Cadet Advisory Council is a nation-wide body of Cadets which meets at the  Wing, Region, and National levels. The CAC meets and discusses issues and proposals which relate to Cadet Programs. 
While the various CAC councils do not directly set policy, their suggestions are sent to the Commander of their Wing or Region and are often adopted as policy. A really good suggestion has the potential to start with you and your Squadron Representative, and end up as a National CAP policy!

The three national directives of the CAC
1. Provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels.
2. Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program.
3. Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program.

More Information
Squadron Representatives

Primary Representative to Wing: 
C/2d Lt William Mueser

Alternate Representative to Wing: 
C/2d Lt Kiana Ward

Send questions, suggestions, and proposals to