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Squadron Brief - 2010 #9

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:12 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:14 AM by John Hughes ]
30 June 2010

I am pleased to report that our Squadron is contributing the largest contingent of Cadets from WA Wing in support of the Air Show.

Each of our Cadets attending the encampment has achieved the GES rating with FLM trainee status and completed ORM.  Great job everyone.

Our Squadron van will be departing from our regular meeting location at the LWSD Resource Center at 0720 on Monday 05 July if anyone needs a ride to Arlington.

We will have our regular Squadron meeting at the usual time.  With 16 Cadets deployed to Arlington we will have a smaller group to work with and plan to spend time working with individual Cadets on their eServices qualifications and training.

Our van returned today from Kent with a new paint job on the roof, it looks great.  The paint on the roof had suffered from years of being parked outside in the west coast elements.  

Our Color Guard will be leading the parade through downtown Kirkland this Sunday starting at noon.  This is a wonderful family event and I hope that many of you will be able to attend to see our team in action.

All remaining Cadets are encouraged to report at 0930 hours at the Grape Choice store in the Kirkland Marina Park parking lot for assignment to a parade support position.  Uniform of the day is BDU.

The parade should be finished at 1300.  We will have a CAP information / recruiting booth set up near the vendors and band area in Marina Park for a few hours after the parade.  I need several Cadets to assist me with manning the booth and answering questions.

We welcome the following new members who joined Overlake Squadron in June.
Wesley Vance        Cadet
Kieu Thu Bui            Senior Member

Remember that you only need to bring in two new members to earn the Recruiter Ribbon for your blues uniform.


The following promotions have been recorded in eServices during the month of June.  
C/1st Lt    Evan Prior
C/MSgt    Donnie Carroll
C/MSgt    Emma Davis
C/MSgt    Kelly Walls
C/TSgt    Tristan Slezak
C/SSgt    Shane Wilhelm
C/SrA    Jakob Sjolin
C/SrA    Sawyer Sjolin
C/A1C    Geoffrey Davis
C/A1C    Jordan Mellinger
C/A1C    Moritz Wienke
C/Amn    Bryan Sevener
C/Amn    Matthew Skelton
C/Amn    Joshua Smalley

Congratulations to each of you!  Thirty two (32) Cadet promotions have been processed so far this year.

Our Squadron Facebook page now has over 230 fans.  If you are a Facebook user please recommend the page to your friends who might be interested in Civil Air Patrol.

Visit the page to see pictures of our Color Guard at Safeco Field and our upcoming events.

30 June                            Change since 30 May
40         Cadet Members                +1
16        Senior Members                +1
56        Total Members                +2
16        New Members in 2010        +2

Squadron members have completed the following training,            % Change since 30 May
92%    Operational Security Awareness Training - OPSEC            +3%
71%    Equal Opportunity Training                                -3%
69%    ORM - Basic           Operational Risk Management             0
39%    ORM - Intermediate                                        -2%                           
11%    ORM - Advanced                                            0
66%    General Emergency Services - GES                        +5%
41%    FEMA Incident Command System - ICS 100                    +2%
21%    FEMA Incident Command System - ICS 700                    +1%
30%     Flight Line Marshaler - FLM (trainee included)                +10%
53%    Completed Aircraft Ground Handling Training Video
18         Cadets have completed at least one orientation flight            +2
40        Cadet orientation flights completed                            +8
4        Current Cadet members have flown solo with CAP            0

While you are enjoying your summer vacation, spend a little time each week and try to complete some of the online training available on eServices.  Remember that ORM-Intermediate is required to be on Cadet Staff.

We welcome Captain John Hughes back to the west side of the mountains having graduated from Central Washington University and look forward to having him back at our regular meetings.

Lt Col Ed Lane was back in the hospital again this week due to complications from his cancer surgery.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a safe summer and I look forward to seeing you all at the Kirkland parade, Arlington Fly In, and our regular Squadron meetings.