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Squadron Brief - 2010 #8

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:10 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:12 AM by John Hughes ]
27 May 2010

Our Squadron has purchased uniform items which are available for purchase by members at our regular meetings.

BDU Flat Top Hat    $10    new, most sizes, CAP issue
CAP uniform Belt    $15     new, one size fits all
Cap uniform Tie      $10     new, one size fits all
BDU Pants             Free      Should fit most Cadets, limited supply, new and used.
BDU Blouse         Free    Mostly small sizes, new and used
Blues Pants         Free    Several sizes, used, limited supply
Black T-Shirt        $10        New Squadron T-Shirt.  Great for Wing encampments.  

The Arlington Encampment Cadet Commander sends a reminder to everyone planning to attend that they must have completed Operational Risk Management ORM-Basic training in order to participate with the Arlington Fly In.  Cadet Staff must have also completed ORM-Intermediate.

Everyone must also have completed the General Emergency Services GES training and have their CAP 101 Card.  If you want to do Flight Line Marshaling your card must be endorsed with FLM trainee status as a minimum.

Please ask the Cadet Staff for assistance if needed.

Most members received their monthly safety briefing at the last meeting.  If you missed the briefing please see Captain Prior at the next meeting so that he can arrange your training and update your personnel records.

All CAP members are required to have a current safety briefing on record before participating in any CAP activities.  This is a national directive and we are trying to bring everyone into compliance.  Your safety briefing status remains valid until the end of the following month.

Any member who will be working around aircraft must complete the Aircraft Ground Handling training, even if you have already done this before.  The Wing Commander wants all members to review this training again.

The training consists of a short video and quiz and is available on eServices.

We have been asked to assist VFW Post 2995 with a small outdoor painting project.  I thought that it might be nice to do the work on Memorial Day.  

I am planning to start at 1000 hours Monday 31 May, we should be done by noon.  Remember to wear old clothes.  Please send me an email if you are able to help out our veterans.  Thanks.

We have started scheduling a ten minute break in the middle of our meetings to allow Cadets access to their personnel files, to get encampment forms signed, purchase uniform items, ask questions, and other general administrative functions.

Although this seems to be working well, I am still signing more forms after dismissal than during the break.  Please try to get these things done during the admin break so that we can all go home on time.

The following promotions have been recorded in eServices from 15 April to date.  Promotion Boards are scheduled for our next meeting Tuesday 01 June.

C/CMSgt    Tyler Pyle
C/SMSgt    Mitchell Holliday
C/TSgt        Emma Davis
C/SrA        Bradley Sevener
C/SrA        Shane Wilhelm
C/A1C        Max Wienke
C/Amn        Moritz Wienke

Congratulations to each of you!  Seventeen (17) Cadet promotions have been processed so far this year.

Overlake Squadron members received some prestigious awards this month.  We are all proud to serve alongside you.
C/Captain Win Mason            WA Wing CAP - Outstanding Cadet Squadron Commander
C/Captain Win Mason            Air Force Association - Outstanding WA Wing CAP Cadet
C/Lt James Miller                VFW - Outstanding Cadet Officer of the Year
C/SMSgt Cam Osborn        VFW - Outstanding NCO of the Year
C/TSgt Kelly Walls            Air Force Sergeants Association - Outstanding WA Wing CAP NCO
C/SSgt Avery Carmichael        CAP Red Service Ribbon
Captain Gerry Prior            Loening Award - Level III of the Senior Member development program

The following new members joined between 01 April and 27 May.  Welcome aboard.

Osborn, Philip        Senior Member
Mellinger, Mike        Senior Member
Tibbetts, Ben            Cadet
Nakatsu, Ian            Cadet
Miles, Tyler            Cadet
Fleming, James        Cadet

39         Cadet Members
15         Senior Members
54         Total Members
14        New Members in 2010

Squadron members have completed the following training,
89%    Operational Security Awareness Training - OPSEC
74%    Equal Opportunity Training
69%    ORM - Basic           Operational Risk Management
41%    ORM - Intermediate
11%    ORM - Advanced
61%    General Emergency Services - GES
39%    FEMA Incident Command System - ICS 100
20%    FEMA Incident Command System - ICS 700
20%     Flight Line Marshaler - FLM (trainee included)
16         Cadets have completed at least one orientation flight
32         Cadet orientation flights completed                        (four more scheduled for this weekend)
4        Current Cadet members have flown solo with CAP

I was at a school track meet today and happen to see one of our own - Cadet Matt Skelton win the 3200 meter run.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched him run during PT.  Congratulations Matt!