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Squadron Brief - 2010 #6

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:05 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:07 AM by John Hughes ]
15 April 2010

Greetings Overlake Squadron Members,         

On Tuesday 04 May our Squadron will hold a Change of Command ceremony for our Cadet Commander.  C/Capt Win Mason is leaving us in June for an exciting future in the Air Force, he will pass Command to C/2nd Lt James Miller.

Family and friends of our Cadets are invited to attend.  Light refreshments will be served.  Feel free to bring a light snack to share if you like.

There are several other awards and promotions planned.

There is glider flying every other weekend in Chehalis throughout May and June.  Eight (8) of our Cadets will be flying over this coming weekend.  The only requirement to attend is your membership card.  The Air Force provides funding for each Cadet to have five (5) glider flights.

Please contact me directly if you want to go flying as I need to put you on the schedule.  Talk to your CAP friends and arrange a group to travel together.  If there is a big group we can always take the Squadron van.

May 01, 02, 15, 16, 29, 30,   June 05, 06, 26, 27.

This 8 hour class teaches you how to properly use CAP radios and is a requirement to attend GSAR and to become FLM qualified.  The class is being offered at WCA on Saturday 01 May.  The cost is only $10.  Signup is on the WA Wing web site

This weekend Cadet encampment takes place 01-02 May in Arlington, WA.  There are several good classes available for new and experienced Cadets including BCUT and an eServices class.  Cadets can stay for the two day encampment or just signup for individual classes.

Our Color Guard has been practicing twice each week in preparation for upcoming community events.  If you want to become a part of this fun team please contact the First Sergeant.

Registration has started for several summer activities, please watch for signup information.  Here are some important dates for your calendar:

04-12 July    Arlington Fly In      (registration starts this weekend)
16-18 July     Air Expo - McChord AFB
17-25 July     GSAR       
20 July - 01 Aug    Desert Eagle Flight Academy
23-25 July      Sky Fest - Fairchild AFB
11-20 Aug      Basic Encampment Cascade Falcon XV

    Cadets must have attended a Basic Encampment in order to apply to Flight Academy as a student pilot.  All Cadets may apply to attend as Cadet Staff at any encampment.

    All other encampments are open to everyone.  Note that GSAR has some fitness requirements, GES, First Aid, and a minimum age of 14.

    Every new Cadet should plan to attend Cascade Falcon in August.

This encampment takes place at Fort Lewis.  The Cadets live in the wilderness for 8 days and learn to build the shelters that they sleep in.  The camp is physically demanding and a special packing list is required.  There will be more information soon, there is also a Facebook group:

If you are planning to attend the Arlington Fly In you will have way more fun doing FLM then anything else.  You don't need to complete the entire qualification but you do need to start the training.

There will be training at Arlington in May and June to prepare Cadets for FLM.  You also need GES, BCUT, and First Aid.

Arlington Fly In has a nice Facebook Page:

We have several sets of Battle Dress Uniforms - BDU available for issue to Cadets, hopefully we will have your size.  I will bring an assortment to the next meeting.

We also have some AF Dress Blue uniforms to issue.  Every Cadet should also order the free uniform from CAP.  Please ask for help if you need it.

Cadets need to order their own uniform Name Plates from Vanguard.   

Every Cadet looks better in their blue uniform with lots of ribbons.  Did you know that you can earn the Cadet Recruiter Ribbon by recruiting only two (2) new Cadets?  If you feel that you have accomplished this, please compete a Form 2a, or ask for help, and we will present the ribbon to you.

We are very lucky to have recruited a new Senior Member to serve as our Squadron Public Affairs Officer.  SM Phil Osborn is already very active with the unit and accompanied me to the Redmond Rotary luncheon last week where we made a presentation about CAP and appealed to the Rotary to consider sponsoring a Cadet scholarship.

If your parent is interested in becoming involved with CAP, have them contact one of the Senior Members.   Parents don't need any special skills to become involved.  We often need help with filing, administration, driving, uniforms, fund raising, chaplain, finance, medical, supply, testing, ect

Our base radio station is almost operational.  CAP has the most extensive VHF and HF network in the country.  There is a VHF radio net every Tuesday evening in Western Washington in which we plan to participate.  If you are interested in becoming a CAP Radio Operator you should consider taking the BCUT class at WCA.

Some Cadets still have the red Emergency Services Training manual but have not completed the exam.  The instructions are on page 2 and all the answers can be found in that manual.  GES is required for GSAR, FLM, and any other ES qualification.

Our Squadron must raise all of its own operating funds.  Throughout the year we offer scholarship assistance to Cadets attending everything from weekend encampments to the Flight Academy.

We do fund raising activities like 6th Street Fair and Memorial Day activities as well as solicit donations from civic organizations.  Did you know that we are also a United Way of King County Beneficiary?

If you have a United Way campaign at work you can designate Overlake Composite Squadron as the specific destination for your funds.  With matching contributions from some corporations this can really add up fast.

Our United Way beneficiary number is 4040383 - Civil Air Patrol - Overlake Composite Squadron

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support of the nation's Civil Air Patrol.  You - each of you - are an important and valued constituent in our Squadron, Wing and National mission to be the benevolent, humanitarian-support auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  Just as significantly, CAP can be a key stepping stone to your future.