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Squadron Brief - 2010 #4

posted Sep 16, 2010, 9:59 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:01 AM by John Hughes ]
1 Mar 2010

News for Overlake Squadron Members:  

Our Squadron Color Guard gave an outstanding performance this past weekend at the WA Wing Color Guard Competition and placed second overall.  Our congratulations and thanks go out to each member of the team for the many hours of training that they put in towards this effort and making Overlake Squadron look so good.

The Color Guard is not finished, and really it is just getting started.  We need new members who are interested to step forward and start training for next years competition and to be ready for events like the US Census Office ceremony last month.  

We are also on the short list to carry the colors at a Mariners home game this spring.  If we get enough Cadets interested (15) we may be able to enter the drill competition as well.

All Overlake Squadron members are invited to attend this event at Fort Lewis on Sunday 07 MAR.

Two members of our Color Guard will carry our Squadron Flag and the American Flag along with hundreds of other service members from units across WA state.

Please be seated by 1430, the ceremony begins at 1500 and lasts approximately 90 minutes.  Participating Color Guard members to report at 1400.  UOD = Blues.

We will plan to take our van for those needing a ride.  Please advise your flight staff if you plan to attend.  For those planning to take their own vehicle, use exit 120 from I-5 to access the main gate.

The next WCA is the weekend of 13-14 MARCH.  There are three courses planned which might interest you.  The camp is held at Arlington.

If you are a new Cadet then the Airman Leadership Course will teach you more about being a great Cadet in one weekend then you might learn in two months of regular Squadron meetings.

Those of you in Alpha Flight will want to look at the Non-Commisioned Officer Course, again, great training over the weekend.

There is also Ground Team training planned for those of you who want to be part of a search and rescue operation.

The next WTA is the weekend of 19-21 MARCH at Camp Murray.  One of the classes being held is Advanced Communications User Training (ACUT).  If you are interested in communications and have already taken BCUT then this might be for you.

Flight Line Marshaller training is also scheduled for this weekend.  See the GES note below.

There will be several other classes held as well.

Our Squadron has been awarded six (6) Glider Orientation flights for the month of April.  This is a wonderful opportunity to go flying in a CAP Glider.  There is no cost to you as the flights are USAF funded.  All flying is conducted at the Chehalis Airport.

The dates are Saturday 17 APR, and Sunday 18 APR, three (3) Cadets each day.  We will plan to carpool once we organize the names and dates.  (The 04 APR date was cancelled)

Please contact me via email if you want to go and indicate your first choice of dates.  All Cadet members are welcome as long as you have received your membership card.

All Cadets that plan to fly need to watch the 'Aircraft Ground Handling' video available on E-services.

CAP National HQ has created a web site devoted entirely to helping Cadets understand and succeed in the Civil Air Patrol programs.  Take a look at the Cadet Blog sometime.

Applications are now being accepted for staff positions.  Visit for more information or click the link below.

The GES rating is the basic emergency services course which is the foundation for all the other specialty tracks in CAP.  There is an open book, online exam based on CAP regulation 60-3, both of which are available on E-services.

Upon completion of the GES exam you will be able to view and print your CAP 101 card which displays all of your ES qualifications.  With this card you can attend actual or practice Search and Rescue (SAR) Missions and participate in the mission activities.

We will conduct a GES class on Tuesday 02 March during our Squadron meeting.  There are 12 copies of CAPR 60-3 that can be borrowed while you complete the exam at home.

If you are interested in Flight Line Marshaling (FLM) please note that the GES is a requirement prior to starting FLM training.

Only those members who are interested in emergency services training are required to take this training, although everyone is encouraged to get the GES, at a minimum.

After you complete the GES, please print a copy of your CAP 101 Card and put it into your personnel file.

Feel free to try this on your own.

We now have over 150 Fans of our Squadron Facebook Page.  Check it out for the latest pictures and news.

According to CAP NHQ here are the percentage of Cadets who reach the Milestone Awards in the Cadet program:
Wright Brothers    30.4%
Mitchell            11.4%
Earhart            3.9%
Eaker            1.2%
Spaatz            0.3%