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Squadron Brief - 2010 #3

posted Sep 16, 2010, 9:57 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 9:59 AM by John Hughes ]
10 Feb 2010

Greetings Overlake Squadron Members,      


We had our first meeting at the LWSD office in the Redmond Town Center this week.  We are still working out a few minor issues but everything seemed to go well quite well.  The meeting rooms are a great improvement for teaching classes and the Sammamish River Trail will be perfect for PT once we get into daylight savings time.


We conducted a short class on Operational Risk Management at our last meeting and 8 members completed the training.  This brings our ORM compliance up to 79%.  Thanks to everyone for getting this done.  Here is the link one more time:

18 members have gone on to complete ORM - Intermediate (required of Cadet Staff) and 4 members have completed ORM - Advanced, including two outstanding Cadets:  SSgt Avery Carmichael and SSgt Donnie Carroll.


Next week we will be conducting EO training for those that have not yet completed the course - 64% of our membership are already done.  The training consists of watching a powerpoint presentation and then you click "I agree".  Here is the link in case you would prefer to complete this on your own.


Here is the direct link to your online training page.  Here you will find the link to Equal Opportunity Training, OPSEC, and many more interesting courses.

There is also a link to FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  If you like emergency services and want to try something interesting, take the Introduction To Incident Command System IS-100.a   Print your certificate and I will show you how to enter the achievement into E-Services next week.  This is a required class for many ES specialties.

In the near future we will be conducting the GES class - General Emergency Services - which is also available on this page.


If you would like to attend the big Scouting event in the snow on Saturday 20 FEB please send an email to Lt jim Marihugh with your contact information.


There is a weekend encampment at WTA on 20-21 FEB at Camp Murray.  WCA has a weekend encampment on 12-14 MARCH at Arlington.  Information on both of these excellent training opportunities is available on the WA Wing web site.


All Cadets are eligible to take part in this program and receive one set of the AF blue pants, shirt, belt, hat.  Cadets are responsible to purchasing their own shoes / boots.  Information on this program is available on E-services.

We also have several sets of BDU's available for issue to new Cadets - please ask your Flight Staff.


C/Amn  Geoffery Davis
C/SSgt  Emma Davis
C/SMSgt  Tyler Pyle

Congratulations to each of you.


If you are a Facebook user, search for Overlake Composite Squadron and 'Become a Fan'.  Since early January our fan base has grown to over 120 consisting of current and former Cadets, Seniors, and many prospective new members.

The site has some interesting Squadron history, current news and events, and some nice photos of Cadets enjoying life in the Civil Air Patrol.  

We get an average of 20 'page views' each day on our site, higher on the weekends.  

Invite your friends to join as well.


With the exciting news of our Cadet Commander C/Capt Win Mason being accepted into the AF Academy, we are now planning for a formal Change of Command ceremony for Tuesday 04 MAY 2010.  Please mark your calendar and be sure to attend, friends and family welcome.


Civil Air Patrol has almost 59,000 members across the country, in 1500 Squadrons, within the 52 Wings, including 24,000 Cadets.
There are 1,017 Cadet units across the country  (minimum 5 Cadet members).
Cadets are 81% male and 19% female with a median age of 15.5
38% of Cadets have attended an encampment.
56% of Cadets have been on an orientation flight.

Until next week, stay safe, enjoy your break from school.