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Squadron Brief - 2010 #2

posted Sep 16, 2010, 9:54 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 9:55 AM by John Hughes ]
27 Jan 2010

Greetings Overlake Squadron Members,


We have been assigned a fun task at the big Scouting event on Saturday 20 FEB at Ensign Ranch, which is just east of Snoqualmie Pass on I-90.  We are going to assist with the Chilkoot Pass Sled Inspection which all Scout Troops must pass before they can enter the event area for the days activities.  

After we finish our task we should be free to explore the various events and races.  We need to prepare a hot lunch out in the field, hopefully one of you former Scouts knows how to cook.

If you are planning to attend please visit the event web site and complete the emergency contact form (give it to me next week).  There are a couple more items which I will cover as we get closer.  So far we have 7 members signed up to go.

We will depart in our van at 0630 from the VFW, to be on site at 0800, and return in time for dinner at home.


Due to the ongoing repairs in the basement of the VFW, we will relocate our Squadron Meetings to the district offices of the Lake Washington School District effective Tuesday 09 FEB.  The offices are located at 16250 NE 74th Street, Redmond, which is in the Redmond Town Center.

The facilities offer a safe, clean, effective working environment for our Squadron meetings, and easy access to the Sammamish Trail for PT activities.  We expect to operate from this location for several months while the VFW completes the repairs.


Our Squadron Facebook Page is getting a lot of attention from the online community.  We are seeing a big increase in page views and our fan base is now over 90.  Squadron events, news, history, photos and recruiting information is now available on the page.

Here are some interesting Statistics:  Fans are 78% male,  22% female,  51% age 18-24,   18% age 13-17,   17% age 45-54.   Twice as many teenage females vs males visit our page every day.

If you have not already done so, search for Overlake Squadron and 'Become a Fan'.


We have scheduled a trip to McChord AFB for Saturday 06 FEB, 0900 departure returning at 1300.  If there is time we will stop at the surplus store as well.


WA Wing is holding a Squadron Leadership School on the weekend of 13-14 MAR at McChord AFB for Senior Members.


The next WCA is scheduled for the weekend of 13-14 MAR.  Visit the forum at for details this and other encampments scheduled for 2010.


There was not much improvement in our online training records over the past two weeks.  Our completion totals are:   OPSEC 95%,  Equal Opportunity 65%,  ORM Basic 57%.


C/SSgt Tristan Slezak


C/AB Gordan Mellinger

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, see you on Tuesday.


Commander PCR-WA-050
Overlake Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol