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Squadron Brief - 2010 # 16

posted Dec 5, 2010, 11:50 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Dec 5, 2010, 11:52 AM by John Hughes ]
2 December 2010

The online application process for 2011 CAP National Cadet Activities opened yesterday and continues through 15 JAN.
Some activities have age and Cadet grade requirements. 

We will have three (3) squadron meetings this month - Tuesday 07, 14, and 21 DEC.  There will be no meeting between Christmas and New Years on the 28th.

Next week will be the last opportunity to promote this year - unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Remember to register online if you plan to take a board on 07 DEC.

Our team is competing in round 3 of this nation-wide internet security competition early on Saturday morning.  We are among approximately 50 service teams remaining from the original 500+ teams.  Good luck!

Cadet Christian Garone
SM Dustin Russell

Welcome aboard.

C/A1C Joshua Smalley Cadet Recruiter Ribbon
2d Lt Mike Mellinger           Yeager Ribbon

61% of our Senior Members have now completed the 100 question aviation exam and received the Yeager Award.

C/Amn Adam Smalley
C/A1C Joshua Smalley
C/SSgt Geoffrey Davis
C/SSgt Jordan Mellinger
C/SSgt Moritz Wienke
C/MSgt Shane Wilhelm

Congratulations to each of you.  A promotion ceremony will take place on 07 DEC.

I am very pleased to report that we now have three fully qualified Cadet Orientation Pilots in the Squadron, and a couple more on the horizon.
Congratulations to 1st Lt Bob Bruner and 2d Lt Bill Gibbs.

We will be conducting online training at our next three meetings for both Senior Members and Cadets.  If you are able to bring a lap-top computer it will really speed things along.

(Percent of our membership that has completed the following training)
Operational Security Awareness Training - OPSEC 93% (required for promotion)
Equal Opportunity Training - EO 85% (required for promotion)
Operational Risk Management - ORM Basic 76% (required for promotion and 'O' flights)
Aircraft Ground Handling Video Training 68% (required for orientation flights)

Introduction to CAP Online Safety Training 66% (required before 01 JAN 2011)

General Emergency Services - GES 61%
FEMA Incident Command - IS100 36%
FEMA Incident Command - IS700 18%

This is an improvement over the past year but we still have some more work to do.  Thank you to everyone who has been working on these qualifications. 

By now you have heard that we will be conducting ES training over the winter in order to be able to participate in Search and Rescue missions.
Our improvement in this area will be easy to measure based on our current state of readiness, which is poor.
Three (3) members are fully qualified as Flight Line Marshaller - FLM
Capt Gerry Prior is qualified as a Mission Safety Officer, Mission Staff Assistant, Mission Observer.
The first step will be to get everyone GES qualified and then to prepare for the SAREX in January.

We have a long way to go.