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Squadron Brief - 2010 # 15

posted Nov 11, 2010, 9:43 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Nov 11, 2010, 9:53 AM by John Hughes ]
10 Nov 2010

Our Squadron Color Guard received requests from 6 local schools to present the colors at Veterans Day services.  Because of the dedication of our Cadets we were able to cover every request, including three schools in one morning with two different Cadet teams.
The Color Guard continues to practice on Saturdays from 1800-1900 hours at the LWSD offices in preparation for other community events and the CAP WA Wing competition scheduled for FEB 2011.  All cadets are welcome and encouraged to participate.
Please contact the Color Guard Commander for more information.  C/CMSgt  Emma Davis <>

Our Squadron entered two teams in this national cyber security competition.  Both teams trained hard and put a lot of effort into the competition but we narrowly missed advancing to the third round of about 50 teams.  Over 500 teams from across the country entered the competition this year.
My thanks go out to C/TSgt Shane Wilhelm and C/SrA Brad Sevener for leading the teams and to everyone who participated.  Well done!

All Squadron members should have received a copy of the WAA letter which was created by 2d Lt Phil Osborn as our unit fundraiser and support for this great program to recognize our Veterans.
Please take a few moments and forward this letter to your extended family and friends.  If you need a copy of the letter please send me a request via email.

Registration is available until 30 NOV for Cadets and Seniors who want to attend the Joint WA / OR Encampment.  The next 'class A' encampment won't happen until August 2011.

For those Cadets who have already completed their 'class A' encampment you should be looking at the National Cadet Activity web site  over the next few months as information is posted for these exciting activities.
Registration takes place from 01 DEC to 15 JAN.

Cadet Matthew Skelton was the recipient of the Overlake Squadron 'Cadet of the Month Award' for October 2010.  Congratulations Matt.

We continue to explore different recruiting methods and would like to increase the 'fan' base on our Squadron Facebook Page.  We currently have 266 fans.
If you are already a fan of our page please click the link on the top left corner of the Overlake Squadron Facebook page and 'suggest to your friends' who might be interested in Civil Air Patrol.
CAP National also has a new Facebook page.          Become a fan.

In an effort to assist new Cadets with their uniforms we have expanded and enhanced our uniform program.  We now have AF blues pants, shirts, and flight caps, both male and female available. The program has two significant improvements from before.
First, for Cadets who plan to order their uniforms online from Vanguard, we have the uniforms for you to try on so that you are ordering the correct size.
Second, for those Cadets who plan to make use of the CAP free uniform program, we will lend you a uniform from our inventory until the AF fills your order.  You will then return the new uniform to our inventory when your shipment arrives.
Cadets are still required to purchase their own dress shoes and combat boots, names tags/plates, hat device, and uniform patches.
The following is a review of items that are currently available for purchase at most meetings.
BDU pants, small and medium sizes, new         $30
BDU pants, limited sizes, used free
BDU cap, most sizes, new $10
BDU CAP belt, new $10
AF blue trousers, most sizes, male, new $55
AF blue trousers, most sizes, female, new         $50
AF blue shirt, most sizes, new $44
AF blue flight cap, most sizes, new $17
AF blue belt, new                                                       $15
AF blue tie, new $10
Overlake Sq T-Shirt, most sizes, new         $10

C/Amn Tyler Miles
C/SrA       Max Wienke
C/CMSgt Emma Davis
C/CMSgt Kelly Walls
C/CMSgt Cam Osborn (sustained)
C/CMSgt Mitchell Holliday (sustained)
2d Lt Bill Gibbs
2d Lt Mike Mellinger
1st Lt        Kieu Thu Bui
Congratulations to each of you and thank you for your service to the Civil Air patrol.

C/Amn Joshua Smalley Cadet Recruiter Ribbon

Our compliance rate is now at 57% for the new Introduction to Online Safety Training program.  This initiative is being driven by the CAP national safety office.  Members will find their activities restricted in the new year if they are not in compliance.

The link to the training is located in the lower left corner of the eServices main page.  Please be guided accordingly.

Here is the discount coupon code for November in case you need to order anything.  You may use the code up to three times.    VGNEWS11

CAP finished the fiscal year on 30 SEP with 112 lives saved across the country.   Though not the highest number of yearly saves in our history, it is still an impressive figure.

Every year CAP awards up to $350,000 in academic and flight training scholarships to eligible Cadets and seniors.  More information is available from the national web site.