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Squadron Brief - 2010 #14

posted Oct 25, 2010, 9:16 PM by John Hughes   [ updated Oct 25, 2010, 9:18 PM by John Hughes ]
20 Oct 2010

8 Cadets were lucky to have perfect fall weather for their orientation flights this past weekend in Chehalis, sunny skies and light winds.  Unfortunately, this concludes glider operations until February. 

Washington Wing flew over 500 Cadet glider flights during the fiscal year ended 30 SEP, which placed us 4th in the country for glider aircraft utilization.

24 Overlake Cadets (56%) have at least one 'O' flight, powered and/or glider.  Fifty (50) orientation flights in total have been flown for cadets currently on the roster.

One of my goals for this coming year is to see over 75% of our Cadets with at least one 'O' flight, and over 100 total flights.

Cadet Max Wienke was the recipient of the first 'Cadet of the Month Award' for September 2010.  Congratulations.

We now have two teams registered for this national internet security competition.  The first round begins at 0700 Saturday and will reduce the number of teams from over 500 to 125.

Our Squadron is very lucky to have Mr. Caleb Jaren of Microsoft volunteering as a Mentor for our teams.  Captain John Hughes is the Coach.

The teams are led by Cadet Shane Wilhelm and Cadet Brad Sevener.

If you need to order anything from Vanguard this month you can receive a 10% discount by using the code vgnews10 at checkout.  You may use the code three times this month.

Mark your calendars for the one-day Wing Conference which takes place at 'The Club' on Saturday 13 NOV at McChord AFB.  There are classes and activities during the day for both Cadets and Seniors followed by a buffet dinner and Cadet dance in the evening.

Registration is available until 01 NOV on the WA Wing web site.

If you want a ride in our Squadron van to the conference, there is a signup page at

Applications for Basic Cadets are being accepted until 30 NOV, but don't wait until then as the camp will probably fill up earlier.

If you are a new Basic Cadet this encampment meets the requirements for a 'Class A' encampment and allows you to apply to attend National and Wing activities next summer.  The next 'Class A' encampment is scheduled for August 2011.

This encampment is a joint WA/OR Wing exercise and runs from 26-31 DEC 2010 at Monmouth OR, near Salem.

Here is a snapshot of our current progress in the Civil Air Patrol training program.  When the weather turns wet next month we will work on improving these numbers.

All of this training is available on the CAP national web site in case you want to get a head start. 

Equal Opportunity training.  68% completed
Introduction to CAP on-line safety training.  33%  
Operational Risk Management ORM - Basic.  70%
Operations Security Awareness training OPSEC.  93%
Aircraft Ground Handling Video training. 49%
FEMA Introduction to Incident Command IS100a.  36%
CAP General Emergency Services GES.  57%

We welcome the following new members who have joined the Squadron since 01 SEP.  During 2010 we have had 21 Cadets and 4 Senior members join our Squadron.

Cadet Lila Balakrishnan
Cadet Genevieve Davis
Cadet Tom Gibbs
Cadet Tristan Liebrock
Cadet James Morlidge
Cadet Emma Pyles
Cadet Christine Shoemaker
Cadet Aidan Walsh

SM Bill Gibbs

The following promotions have recently been recorded in eServices.

C/Amn Tyler Miles
C/Amn Ben Tibbetts
C/Amn Tyler Skelton
C/A1C Matthew Skelton
C/A1C Bryan Sevener
C/TSgt Jake Sjolin
C/TSgt Brad Sevener
C/TSgt Shane Wilhelm
C/SMSgt Don Carroll

2nd Lt Phil Osborn

Congratulations to each of you.


We continue to explore different recruiting methods and would like to increase the 'fan' base on our Squadron Facebook Page.
If you are already a fan of our page please click the link on the top left corner of the Squadron page and 'suggest to your friends' who might be interested in Civil Air Patrol.

Our unit has grown enough this year that we have found it necessary to rent a second room on Tuesday evenings at the LWSD.  This will enable us to run two different classes at once and will also allow the Senior Members to have a quiet meeting area for their training.

Our unit must raise all of it's own operating funds to cover expenses for everything from fuel to Cadet grade and ribbons, rent and equipment.

In addition the Squadron provides scholarships to Cadets throughout the year to attend activities ranging from weekend training to the flight academy and assistance obtaining uniforms.

Please ask your parents if they are involved in a charitable donation campaign at work.  Our unit is a 501 3 C corporation and is a registered charity with the United Way of King County.

More information on how to make a personal or corporate donation is available on our web site.