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Squadron Brief - 2010 #13

posted Oct 4, 2010, 9:40 PM by John Hughes   [ updated Oct 4, 2010, 9:41 PM by John Hughes ]

Our unit has secured six (6) flight slots for Cadet orientation rides on Saturday 16 OCT in Chehalis.  Signup is available on the Squadron web site.

New members are eligible to attend so long as they have received their CAP membership card.  Spaces are still available.  Our van will be available for transport to Chehalis.


Our unit has received requests from three different schools to present the colors at events to recognize Veterans Day.  We need Cadets for a couple of hours on 09, 10 and 12 NOV during the school day.

The Color Guard continues to practice on Saturdays from 1800-1900 hours at the LWSD offices.  All cadets are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please contact the Color Guard Commander for more information.   Emma Davis <>


The Veterans at VFW Post 2995 have requested our help this coming Saturday at 1000 hours with an outdoor cleanup project involving some painting and brush removal.  Wear old clothes.

The job probably won't last more than a couple of hours and is a good way to get community services hours if you need some.  Please come out and support the Veterans this weekend, thanks.

Lt Jim Marihugh will be the Senior Member attending to supervise.   Jim Marihugh <>


Mark your calendars for the one-day Wing Conference which takes place at 'The Club' on Saturday 13 NOV at McChord AFB.  There are classes and activities during the day for both Cadets and Seniors followed by a buffet dinner and Cadet dance in the evening.

There is a signup page on our unit web site and our Squadron van will be available for transport.


Registration is now open for WCA on the weekend of 9-10 OCT.  Complete course descriptions are available on the link below.

If you are new to CAP this is an excellent opportunity to spend a weekend with new friends and learn more about being a Cadet then you could learn by just attending our Tuesday meetings.


Applications for staff positions are currently being accepted until 30 SEP.  Applications for Basic Cadets are being accepted until 30 NOV, but don't wait until then as the camp will probably fill up earlier.

If you are a new Basic Cadet this encampment meets the requirements for a 'Class A' encampment and allows you to apply to attend National and Wing activities next summer.  The next 'Class A' encampment is scheduled for August 2011.

The encampment is a joint WA/OR Wing exercise and runs from 26-31 DEC 2010 at Monmouth OR, near Salem.


For those Cadets who have already completed their 'class A' encampment you should be looking at the National Cadet Activity web site  over the next few months as information is posted for these exciting activities.

Registration takes place from 01 DEC to 15 JAN.


Don't forget to signup online at  if you plan to take a promotion board on 05 OCT.  Promotion authorization forms are also available on the web site.

I apologize to those Cadets who completed their boards yesterday but did not get their new grade presented when we ran out of time due to the flag ceremony.  We will complete your promotions next week.


Our team is now registered for the national competition.  I had 4 emails last night from Cadets who want to be on our team.

There is an opportunity to travel across the country if we make it into the finals.  Please email me if you want to be a part of this exciting challenge.

Our team coach is Captain John Hughes.   John Hughes <>


The Congressional Award is the Unites States Congress award for young Americans.  It is non-partisan, voluntary, and non-competitive.  The program is open to all 14-23 year olds.

Each award level involves setting goals in four program areas;  volunteer public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition/exploration.  (All stuff that you do at CAP)

Our unit will be enrolling all interested Cadets in this program which will be a great addition to your college resume.

Our Squadron Mentor will be SM Phil Osborn.    Phil Osborn <>


We had a successful recruitment campaign during the month of September.  Seven applications have been sent to NHQ so far this month and 3 new Cadets received their CAP ID numbers today.

Several more young people and adults have expressed interest in joining including 2 pilots.

On behalf of the entire Squadron I want to welcome those new members and I hope that you enjoy your time with the Overlake Squadron. 


Our unit must raise all of it's own operating funds to cover expenses for everything from fuel to Cadet grade and ribbons, rent and equipment.

In addition the Squadron provides scholarships to Cadets throughout the year to attend activities ranging from weekend training to the flight academy and assistance obtaining uniforms.

Please ask your parents if they are involved in a charitable donation campaign at work.  Our unit is a 501 3 C corporation and is a registered charity with the United Way of King County.

More information on how to make a personal or corporate donation is available on our web site.