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Squadron Brief - 2010 #11

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:16 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:23 AM by John Hughes ]

05 SEP 10

There is a lot of information to share as we say goodbye to summer and the fall training program gets started.  Cadets please share this information with your parents.

Throughout the month of September we will be inviting prospective new members to visit our Squadron.  Pamphlets and fliers have been distributed to every LWSD junior high school as well as other groups like the Boy Scouts.

The open house flier is attached below in case you attend a school outside of the LWSD and want to take some fliers to your school.

CADET OF THE MONTH AWARDOur unit will begin to recognize Cadets who distinguish themselves with a new monthly award.  The DCC will make the selection each month with input from the Cadet Staff and Commander.

Those Cadets who missed out on the opportunity to attend Cascade Falcon last month should consider attending the joint WA / OR Wing Basic Encampment which runs from 26-31 DEC.  Registration will begin soon for basic Cadets.

Staff applications are open now and close on 15 SEP.  Please apply for your staff position using the OR Wing web site.  If we get enough interest we will schedule our van for transport to the encampment.

Signup is now open for WTA at Camp Murray over the weekend of 17-19 SEP.  

17-19 September - Camp Murray
15-17 October - Camp Murray
19-21 November - Camp Murray
17-19 December - Camp Murray
14-16 January - Camp Murray
18-20 February - Camp Murray
18-20 March - Camp Murray
15-17 April - Camp Murray
20-22 May - Camp Murray

The first WCA of the fall season will be the weekend of 09-10 October.

Airman’s Introductory Course (AIC)
Target Audience: C/AB - C/SrA
Prerequisites: Current CAP Membership, Complete BDU Uniform


Looking to learn the fundamentals of the Cadet Program? Need to advance your skills as a follower and set yourself up for success as a leader? AIC is designed to provide an understanding of the duties of those in the Airmen ranks, and provide the skills necessary to be an outstanding Cadet.  Cadets will learn about uniform care, Civil Air Patrol history, regulations and online resources, teamwork, self management, and much more. Cadets will return to their squadrons with a deeper understanding of Civil Air Patrol’s values and opportunities, as well as ways to share their knowledge with their fellow Airmen.


Cadet Squadron Staff Course (CSSC)
Target Audience: C/CMSgt and Above
Prerequisites: Robert H. Goddard Achievement. Members who have attained the Charles Lindbergh Achievement will be considered if they hold one of the following positions at their unit: Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Executive Officer, Cadet Flight Commander, or Cadet First Sergeant.


If posed with the question, “What, exactly, are your job duties?” how would you answer? Would you like to be able to answer with something more than a string of routine tasks that have been handed down to you? The CSSC is designed to give you the tools, strategies, and innovative mindset needed to change your Squadron’s routine into your Squadron’s direction and train, retain, and advance more Cadets more effectively. Curriculum will include methods for planning and management, advanced goal and objective setting (and meeting), teaching and communication skills, how a squadron’s chain of command is designed to work, what is expected of each member’s position, how to interview/select staff members, and how to keep continuity when you inevitably get promoted.

Ground Team Training GTT - ES Basic Ground Team Training
We will be conducting basic Ground Team training at WCA on the weekend of 8-10 October 2010.
Separate class information documents are available on the Wing web site describing this training.
What training will take place?
- 24-48 hour pack (you will bring your own gear - see included list)
- Shelter building (no tents allowed!) - see pack list for supplies
- Basic navigation/pace count
- More if time allows

Also, we have open cadet staff positions. More can be seen at

Any Overlake Cadet C/MSgt and above should consider applying to attend the Cadet Squadron Staff Course CSSC as this will really help you transition into a good staff position within our unit.

Based at the CAP facilities on the Ephrata airport this east-side encampment operates much like WTA and WCA but with more of a focus on emergency services training.  

Civil Air Patrol has been chartered with three missions - Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services.
Overlake Squadron has an average AE program which could use some improvement and our Cadet Program is widely recognized as outstanding.  
We really need to improve our level of preparedness in Emergency Services - ES to properly support the WA Wing in completing it's mission.
This fall and winter we will begin to train members in several ES specialities so that we can actively participate in Wing Search and Rescue exercises (SAREX) and to be available to assist in actual search missions.
Training will include Ground Team and Mission Base support roles.  Participation in actual search missions is voluntary but everyone should take the training to become qualified in a position which they are interested in and feel comfortable doing.

An important part of learning to become a good leader is taking responsibility for your actions and learning to communicate well within your chain of command.

Each week the Cadet Flight Staff attempts to contact every Cadet in their flight to let them know about the upcoming meeting and to confirm their attendance.  It is very important for you to return these calls promptly.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to miss a meeting because of family, school, illness, sports, travel, ect.  It is not acceptable to just not show up without communicating your planned absence to your next higher command.

Cadets will be recorded as 'present' 'absent with leave' or 'absent without leave'.  A pattern of the latter - AWOL - will be cause for a discussion with the Commander concerning continued membership in the Squadron.

Communication is the key to success in this organization and later in your life as a future leader.  

If you need to order anything from Vanguard this month you can receive a 10% discount by using the code vgnews9 at checkout.  You may use the code three times this month.

Changes are coming to the current communications training program.  The Advanced Communications User Training - ACUT, and the basic version - BCUT, are being replaced by the new Intermediate Program - ICUT.  This 10 hour class will be offered at WTA this winter.

All current BCUT and ACUT cards will expire in June 2011.  Members who are interested in ES and radio operations should plan to take the ICUT class this fall/winter.

Flying is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of 16/17 October in Chehalis.  We will start a list for those who want to fly later this month after the date has been confirmed.  Cadets need only their membership card to participate.

This course to be held at Joint Base Lewis McChord 9-10 October is intended for current unit commanders and for members who desire to become a unit commander.

Community Emergency Response Team - CERT
Kirkland and Redmond are among several east-side communities offering CERT training this fall.  CERT is also recognized as an ES specialty within CAP.  The courses are usually one evening each week for about 10 weeks.

Training will begin shortly for the WA Wing competition planned for FEB 2011.  There will also be several community events this fall/winter where our color guard will perform.  Please contact SMSgt Emma Davis if you are interested.

The national board meeting concluded today in San Diego.  Policy decisions made at this conference will be reflected in changes to several CAP regulations over the coming months.

Our congratulations go to the Bellingham Composite Squadron for being named the Pacific Region Squadron of Distinction.

Our Squadron must raise all of its own operating funds.  Throughout the year we offer scholarship assistance to Cadets attending everything from weekend encampments to the Flight Academy.

We do fund raising activities like 6th Street Fair and Memorial Day activities as well as solicit donations from civic organizations.  Did you know that we are also a United Way of King County Beneficiary?

If you have a United Way campaign at work you can designate Overlake Composite Squadron as the specific destination for your funds.  With matching contributions from some corporations this can really add up fast.

Our United Way beneficiary number is 4040383 - Civil Air Patrol - Overlake Composite Squadron

In an effort to assist new Cadets with their uniforms we have expanded and enhanced our uniform program.  We now have AF blues pants, shirts, and flight caps, both male and female available. The program has two significant improvements from before.

First, for Cadets who plan to order their uniforms online from Vanguard, we have the uniforms for you to try on so that you are ordering the correct size.

Second, for those Cadets who plan to make use of the CAP free uniform program, we will lend you a uniform from our inventory until the AF fills your order.  You will then return the new uniform to our inventory when your shipment arrives.

Cadets are still required to purchase their own dress shoes and combat boots, names tags/plates, hat device, and uniform patches.

The following is a review of items that are currently available for purchase at most meetings.

BDU pants, small and medium sizes, new $30
BDU pants, limited sizes, used free
BDU cap, most sizes, new $10
BDU CAP belt, new $10
AF blue trousers, most sizes, male, new $55
AF blue trousers, most sizes, female, new $50
AF blue shirt, most sizes, new $44
AF blue flight cap, most sizes, new $17
AF blue belt, new $15
AF blue tie, new $10
Overlake Sq T-Shirt, most sizes, new $10

The following members completed Level One of the Senior Member Professional Development Program and were awarded the CAP Membership Ribbon.  Thank you for your contribution to the success of Overlake Squadron.

SM Phil Osborn
SM Mike Mellinger
SM Kieu Thu Bui

C/SrA        Geoffrey Davis
C/SrA        Jordan Mellinger
C/SrA        Moritz Wienke
C/SMSgt Emma Davis
C/SMSgt Kelly Walls
C/CMSgt Mitchell Holliday

Congratulations to each of you.

We will have a special ceremony at our next meeting on Tuesday 07 September when our current Cadet Commander C/2nd Lt James Miller will pass command of the Squadron to C/1st Lt Evan Prior.

I want to personally thank C/Lt James Miller for his dedication to the Squadron and to wish him well as he moves on to the next chapter of his life at the University of Washington.  Hopefully he will still come to as many meetings as his busy college schedule will allow.

Lt Prior is currently reviewing applications for Cadet Staff positions and will make his personnel decisions soon.

Thank you all for your support of our Squadron.