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Squadron Brief - 2010 #10

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:14 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 10:16 AM by John Hughes ]
16 AUG 2010

There will be no meeting this week, Tuesday 17 August, due to the summer encampment underway at Camp Murray.

We have a regular Squadron meeting scheduled for Tuesday 24 August, 1845-2100 hours, dress blues.

The meeting on Tuesday 31 August will be a fun social evening, hopefully shorts and t-shirt weather, BBQ at C/ 2nd Lt James Miller's house.

Two Cadet Staff members have switched to the new online testing program which started this summer.  The early results are favorable.  
Some of the benefits include the ability to complete the test at home, under relaxed conditions, on any day you choose, and the new tests are open book.
The tests are timed at 30 minutes for the 25 questions so it is important to review the material before you begin.  
If you are not sure which test you need for your next promotion please email me and I will check your online records.
Remember, once you start to use the online testing program you cannot switch back to the old paper tests.

As many of you will be having a week off from CAP and should be thoroughly relaxed by now due to the school holiday this would be a good time to escape the heat and complete some CAP online training.

The following courses are available in eServices.  Note: completion of Equal Opportunity and ORM-Intermediate is required to hold a Cadet Staff position.

You can review your complete CAP training history on eServices.  Try and complete the following courses:

OPSEC - Operational Security Awareness Training
EO - Equal Opportunity Training
ORM - Operational Risk Management - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.
GES - General Emergency Services
FEMA IS100a, IS700a
Aircraft Ground Handling Video

During the month of September our Squadron will be holding a recruiting drive to attract new Cadet and Senior members.  We will have flyers at all Lake Washington Junior High Schools, both printed and electronic versions.

We will also increase the promotional activity on our Facebook page.  If you have friends who you think might enjoy being a part of the Civil Air Patrol give them a call, or recommend that they become a fan of our page.

You only need to sign up two new members to earn the Recruiter Ribbon.

In an effort to assist new Cadets with their uniforms we have expanded and enhanced our uniform program.  We now have AF blues pants, shirts, and flight caps, both male and female available. The program has two significant improvements from before.

First, for Cadets who plan to order their uniforms online from Vanguard, we have the uniforms for you to try on so that you are ordering the correct size.

Second, for those Cadets who plan to make use of the CAP free uniform program, we will lend you a uniform from our inventory until the AF fills your order.  You will then return the new uniform to our inventory when your shipment arrives.

Cadets are still required to purchase their own dress shoes and combat boots, names tags/plates, hat device, and uniform patches.

The following is a review of items that are currently available for purchase at most meetings.

BDU pants, small and medium sizes, new        $30
BDU pants, limited sizes, used                    free
BDU cap, most sizes, new                        $10
BDU CAP belt, new                            $10
AF blue trousers, most sizes, male, new            $55
AF blue trousers, most sizes, female, new        $50
AF blue shirt, most sizes, new                    $44
AF blue flight cap, most sizes, new                $17
AF blue belt, new                                $15
AF blue tie, new                                $10
Overlake Sq T-Shirt, most sizes, new            $10