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Squadron Brief - 2009 #1

posted Sep 16, 2010, 9:46 AM by John Hughes   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 9:47 AM by John Hughes ]
29 Oct 2009

Hello Overlake Cadets and Seniors,

This the first of my briefings which I hope will improve the way in which we share information with you.  I think that we sometimes overload you with information on Tuesday evenings and then wonder why you couldn't remember everything that we told you.  Cadets, this would also be good to share with your parents as they need to know about your personal schedule so please forward or print this for them.


Tuesday 03 NOV - Blues 1900-2100

Saturday 07 NOV - Our hosts the VFW are holding their 'All Services Ball' and have requested that Cadets attend to help serve the veterans.  This is a formal event for them so please wear your Blues or dark slacks/white shirts.

Tuesday 10 NOV - BDU 1900-2100

Saturday 14 NOV - CAP Fall Conference at McChord AFB.  Information is available on the Wing web site at   There are classes and meetings during the day for both Cadets and Seniors, and a formal dinner and dance in the evening.  UOD = Blues.

Tuesday 17 NOV - BDU 1900-2100

Friday, Sat, Sun 13, 14, 15 NOV - The VFW Troop Support team will be collecting comfort items to send to our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan at the Bellevue Fred Meyer.  They are asking for our help with this project.  At the last event Capt Waling and his wife, C/Capt Mason, and C/Lt Miller assisted with the collection of $1600 cash and over $28,000 worth of products.  Some of the more popular items in the store actually sold out completely.  The times are:  Friday 1700-2000, Saturday 1100-1400, 1400-1700, Sunday 1100-1400, 1400-1700.  UOD = Civilian.  I also need a Cadet NCO to become the coordinator, please contact me.

Saturday 21 NOV - We will have our Squadron Banquet in the large hall at the VFW.  This is a special dinner that we do each year and Cadets and Seniors may invite their families to attend.  UOD = Blues or dress clothes.  I also need a Cadet to help coordinate this event.

Tuesday 24 NOV - Blues 1900-2100

26-31 DEC- Basic Winter Encampment - For you new Cadets, think of this as Basic Training.  You need to complete this encampment before being able to apply to attend other, more advanced programs.  The next available Basic Encampment would be in August 2010 at Camp Murray, WA.  This Winter Encampment is being held jointly with the Oregon Wing, information is available on the Wing Forum at


I will attempt to get one flight in during November.  It is hard to schedule with the days becoming shorter, work, and the lack of good flying weather.  Cadets Sjolin and Sjolin are scheduled for a Glider 'O' flight on 29 Nov, hopefully the weather will cooperate.  1st Lt Bob Bruner is an experienced pilot and is working on becoming qualified to fly Cadets which will certainly increase the flying opportunities.  In order to be able to fly you must have completed the CAP Ground Handling Training which consists of watching a video and completing a short quiz.  You must also complete Basic ORM.  Both of these courses are available on E-Services.


I am pleased to report that between 01 SEP and 29 OCT we had 7 new Cadets join our Squadron.  Welcome aboard!

Cadet Flynn, Nicholas B
Cadet Hindle, Sawyer J
Cadet Sevener, Bradley J
Cadet Sevener Bryan G
Cadet Thomas, Timothy B
Cadet Wienke, Max M
Cadet Wilhelm, Shane

Several other cadets are currently waiting to receive their membership cards.  Remember, you only need to recruit two (2) new members in order to be awarded the Recruiter Ribbon.  We currently have 49 members in the Squadron.


The following promotions were recently recorded in E-services;

Captain John Hughes
Captain Scott Jewell
Captain Rick Waling
C/2nd Lt James Miller


Captain Rick Waling was recently appointed to the position of Squadron Deputy Commander for Seniors.

1st Lt Bob Bruner was recently appointed to the position of Assistant Personnel Officer.


Our Squadron is going to become associated with the Scouts program in order to be able to make use of their excellent facilities.  Some of us must become members of the Scouts through Overlake in order to make this happen.  This is voluntary, of no cost to you, and you will wear your current CAP uniform.


Our National Commander Major General Amy Courter has issued a directive regarding Increased Safety Requirements for Cadet Activities.  This document is available for review on E-Services.  The safety of our members both while participating in CAP activities and while going about their day to day lives is of the upmost importance.  All members, both Cadet and Seniors, need to "get behind ORM and truly make it second nature." to quote the National Commander.  Later this month I will be issuing a directive to Cadet Staff regarding promotions - Basic ORM course completion will become a requirement for promotion above the grade of Cadet Airman.  Cadet Staff will be required to complete ORM Basic and Intermediate in order to promote.

CAP also has a comprehensive non-discrimination policy.  Please complete the Equal Opportunity Training online in E-Services.  This will become a promotion requirement in the future as well.  Overlake Squadron has strict policies in place regarding hazing and other forms of discrimination or harassment.  Only 16 members have completed this to date.

All members must complete Operational Security Awareness Training (OPSEC).  This short course outlines the need to keep sensitive USAF information confidential.

There are many other courses offered on the CAP website and also through the link to FEMA.  Explore the site and take a few courses on a rainy weekend this fall.  If you have an interest in Emergency Services and want to attend the Search and Rescue exercise (SAREX) planned in late November you will need at least a 101 card.  Just take the CAPT116 part 1 General ES.   Advancement in the CAP program is largely self paced, if you don't do any work, you won't go very far.

All of this training is available on E-Services under ONLINE COURSES AND EXAMS.


21-22 NOV - Camp Murray (near McChord).  Several courses are being offered and information is available at


We will attempt to fit a McChord Run into the schedule around mid-month.  If you need uniform parts, speak with your flight staff as we have some pieces available in stores.  New Cadets should take advantage of the free uniform program although it can take 60-90 days to receive your order.  

Please contact me if you need any help at any time.


Overlake Composite Squadron