Meeting Information

New Cadet Open House Nights
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Meeting Time
Tuesdays, 18:45 - 21:00

Redmond Readiness Center, WA ARNG

Overlake Composite Squadron meets at the WA Army National Guard's Redmond Readiness Center, 
on Education Hill, near Nike Park and Redmond Middle School

What do we do during meetings?
Each month has a similar structure to the schedule of events. The first week the unit is dressed in blues and sees character development classes, aerospace education, etc. It’s primarily indoors. The second meeting is in ABU or BDUs, and will see activities like drill, TLPs, outdoor classes such as emergency services training. The third week is dedicated to physical fitness. The fourth week is similar to the second. If there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, it’s a social night. Any week can have a guest speaker.

What Happens in a Meeting?
Each meeting tends to follow the same structure. The cadets sign in and line up for detail, then formation. Most meetings are then split into two halves with each half having a different class/activity. The meeting closes with a squadron commander briefing, cadet promotions once a month, cadet formation, and dismissal.