Orientation Flights

Types of Flights

Glider Orientation Flights
All glider flights are organized at the Wing-level, so don't assume you're slotted until you hear from the o-flight coordinator. Washington Wing's glider flying center is the Chehalis-Centralia Airport.

Powered Orientation Flights
Orientation pilots may arrange powered orientation flights on their own, or coordinate with other units to have multiple aircraft and pilots meet at a central location. These flights can be based out of several nearby airports, depending on which pilots and units are involved. 

Glider Training Flights
Cadets who have completed their solo rating at a CAP flight academy (or elsewhere) can participate in glider training flights. These flights are not free (though the cost is very reasonable), and extend beyond the scope of orientation flights, earning the student loggable flight time.

Who Can Fly?
All Cadets who have a current membership card (permanent or temporary) and are under 18 years of age are eligible for five free glider flights, five free front-seat powered flights, and unlimited rear-seat powered flights. Flights in CAP aircraft usually require a uniform.

What is an Orientation Flight?
Also called o-flights or o-rides, orientation flights are designed to spark interest in young people for aviation and aerospace sciences. Funded by the US Air Force, flights follow a national syllabus, and give Cadets an opportunity to practice being at the controls of a small aircraft. Cadets practice basic use of flight controls, but not take-off or landing procedures. You can read more about orientation flights at capmembers.com

How do I Sign Up?
Every orientation flight event will have its own registration procedures depending on the number of pilots, planes, and cadets flying that day. These events appear on the normal events calendar. Cadets who have never been on and orientation flight may also be called by orientation pilots when there is an opportunity to fly.