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Redmond Lights 2015

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Required Forms
CAP Form 32 (Cadets only)
    Due Tuesday, 1 December.
    Submit at meeting or by email to Maj John Hughes.

  • Activity Description:
    Every year, the City of Redmond hosts an event called Redmond Lights.
    Since 2012, Overlake Squadron has provided community service by assisting with the event cleanup.
    This is a fun, brief working event for cadets and senior members alike and builds on our unit's important relationship with the City of Redmond.
    Parents can also participate in the lights walk from 5-7 PM.
  • Required: 12-15 Volunteers
  • Date: Saturday, 5 December 2015
  • Sign-In: 17:45
  • Sign Out: 22:00
  • Location (drop-off and pick-up): 
    Redmond City Hall
    Council Conference Room
    15670 NE 85th, Redmond, WA
  • Transportation: N/A
  • Fee: $0.00
  • Project Officer: Maj John Hughes
    • Cadet Project Officer: C/MSgt Justin King
  • Uniform: 
    • BDUs or Corp. Work Uniform
    • Warm jacket & work gloves.
    • Black knit watch-cap optional (if in cold weather)
  • Meals: N/A
John Hughes,
Nov 17, 2015, 12:27 PM